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At Frank Schippers, we aim to provide the best standard of service in the local area. We are pleased to say we have developed a strong reputation support clients in and around Crowthorne. We believe this is an excellent area with a lot to offer. In the current climate, community spirit is...
If you are keen to know what impact the stamp duty cut is likely to have on the Crowthorne housing market, we are here to assist you. At Frank Schippers, we are local housing market specialists, but we also pay attention to what is happening across the country. If you would like to discuss...
Therefore, if you are a Crowthorne vendor planning on selling your home, you must ensure your garden area or outdoor space is as appealing as possible. Vendors are more than happy to stage the inside of their home, but given current demand, there is an argument to stage the outside of your home...
With the level of competition in the Crowthorne housing market, you need to make sure your home appeals to buyers. You also want to make sure prospective buyers feel confident about your property.   There are many ways you can achieve this, but making sure the legal kerb appeal of...
The speed with which the housing market re-opened in mid-May took many people by surprise. However, the level of engagement and activity in the market since then was predicted by many professionals. At the time the housing market was paused, there were around 370,000 deals underway. While...
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