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Land and New Homes

We are very proud members of the Land & New Homes Network (LNHN), which enables us to continue to develop our expertise in the booming land and new homes sector.

The network spans the UK bringing the most professional, forward thinking and trusted non-competing estate agents together to offer developers, property investors and home buyers an unparalleled service based on knowledge, experience and integrity.

We're now in a very strong position to provide land and development consultancy to clients and a specialised new homes sales service.

Frank Schippers said: "We are so pleased to have been selected by the Land and New Homes Network to be their member here in Crowthorne and the immediate surrounding areas and as a result it means that we are now able to provide a much more comprehensive service to our clients. Membership of the LNHN gives us access to national land and new homes experts who will be on hand to advise us when needed."

The Government has made addressing the housing shortage a priority so with thousands of new homes needed we’ve been proactive to ensure our clients will benefit from the best advice and coverage available.

The network’s national coverage means we have relationships with builders, developers, investors and estate agents from across the UK. This is good for anyone selling land or new homes with us, as it increases the amount of potential buyers enormously.

And it means more choice and better quality for local people looking to buy a new home.

If you have any questions or if you own any land or a property that you think may have development potential please don’t hesitate to email us at or contact us on 01344 777 888.

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